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The Temp's Best Friend

Let's face it, temping can be really hard work. Or, it can be a whole lot of sitting around, looking busy. That's even harder than actually being busy! Here are some sites that might help you keep your eyes open, and your expression alert.

DISCLAIMER! This site is only for use during unavoidable down-time, of course. :-)

Search Engines and Indexes on the Web

There are a lot of search engines and indexes out there, but we all have our favorites. Yahoo is a good place to start. Altavista has a more powerful search engine than Yahoo, but the front page index is not as user-friendly. Lycos is similar, and offers lots of free stuff, like images and software. DeskRef: Quick Reference has an amazing list of reference sources on the Web, from Government sites to home and garden guides, to history-related links.E-Blast has a search engine which finds fewer hits, but better ones, and rates them, too. The Best Information on the Net is a site designed by librarians for college students, so it has an academic slant to it, but is very well organized. Some other favorites include Excite and Hotbot. Dogpile (a multi-engine search tool), is probably the best of them all. It covers many of these other search engines. Northern Light organizes hits in categories for quicker sorting. Users of all these sites should browse them a while to see which ones best serve their needs.

Learn Web Design in Your Spare Time

Try my Web provider!
More free Web Space Providers
Free Web pages available in the U.S.
Still More Free Web Space Providers
Yahoo's list of free Web space providers.
NCSA's Beginners Guide to HTML
Don't know HTML? Learn it here with this great primer.
A-1 Icon Archive
This archive collects backgrounds, icons, bars and balls, fonts, clip-art, HTML help, and so on.'s Web Clip-art homepage.
This site lists many sources for graphics and tips on using them.

Newspaper and Magazine Shelf

AJR Newslink Newspaper Index
Index to online newspapers all over the country.
USA Today
National newspaper which includes a good weather page.
Washington Post
Washington DC's best paper, includes a large employment section.
Detroit Free Press
Full text of the daily paper, also includes forums.
Denver Post
Full text and forums.
Salon Magazine
Alternative online paper with a nice set of forums.
TV Guide
Articles and tv listings. No longer full text

Random Rants and Reviews

You're entitled to her opinion: rants about movies, popular culture, stupid people, etc. Includes forums.
A bunch of grumpy guys gripe about television.
Girls On
Reviews by girls on film, tv, books, etc.
My Word's Worth: a weekly column by Marylaine Block
Opinions on books, popular culture, politics, etc. by a college librarian.
The Word Detective
Links to language related sites, interesting column on the English Language.
The X-files
Index of reviews: What really happened in every episode of the X-files. . . or not.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Weekly recap and comments on "Buffy".
Detailed summaries and reviews of every episode back to the middle of the first season.
Sports Night
This guide to the ABC sit-com Sports Night includes news, cast info., summaries and reviews, and of course, quotes.
Internet Movie Database
Contains links to cast lists, reviews, production info., story lines, etc. for more movies than you can shake a stick at.

Temping and other forms of "Employment"

Temp 24-7
Stories, letters and comment on the lives we temporary wage slaves lead.
When winners work for losers
Humorous anecdotes and one-liners on bad bosses everywhere.
Find jobs in the Washington DC area through the Post.

Games and Fun

The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
Named after the Victorian author of the line, "It was a dark and stormy night. . ." this annual bad-writing contest also includes a place to submit examples of bad writing by "real authors". The 1999 contest results are in! Warning: English-major humor!
Here are some silly stories and sites to waste time on. Includes the "Darwin Awards" site.
Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic
Very funny homepage of a tongue-in-cheek "religion" devoted to the worship of the X-Files' Agent Scully. Includes a newsletter, hymns and prayers, and information on members.
Trivia, puzzles and other time-wasters.
A few selected comic strips.
The Christian Science Monitor's E-puzzle.
Light-bulb Jokes
The best from rec.humor.funny
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